Sunday, 23 September 2012

The 12 weeks of Christmas

Did you know there are only 92 days to Christmas!!

Can you believe that only 92 days to go!  How scary is that?  I for one cannot believe how fast this year has gone it seems to be going at supersonic speed and I feel I am just not ready to think about Christmas.

Every year I try and pre-plan and fail spectacularly at being prepared .. is this you too?

If so how about subscribing to my 12 weeks of Christmas newsletter.  It will be full of ideas for how to get the most for your money to produce stunningly simple and beautiful cards to the more elaborate cards for those very special people in our lives.

I will be kicking off the first newsletter on 1st October I will add the link shortly but if you are interested in receiving this please contact me at

The first project is simple and stunning and is all about cheap and mass producable but still offering stunning results.

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